The dream of acupuncture being simple and effective has arrived

△There is no need for a differential diagnosis. An acupuncturist simply compares the result of one or the other. If one set of 5 points does not work, the other 5 points do. imageⓒDavidLee.

Bisoma Five-Element Acupuncture

By David Lee, L.Ac.

Discovered in the year 2015, Bisoma Acupuncture is arguably one of the best-quality acupuncture techniques in thousands of years. It is proving revolutionary and evolutionary due to its simplicity and efficacy. In Bisoma, “bi” means two, and “soma” means body. This technique is so user-friendly and powerful that any acupuncturist can read this article and implement it immediately.

Bisoma Acupuncture is two sets of horary points that work on 95% of patients. It treats most conditions that are common in clinics. Such are pains related to muscles, nerves, and joints. Furthermore, it restores brain chemistry for drug withdrawal. It keeps hot flashes away during menopause. Hot flashes. Migraine. Simply, it treats most conditions acupuncture is known for. 

Bisoma treats at the constitutional level. The same horary points for the individual are used regardless of the problem. It is because these optimal points are for the body, not the problem. The body is enhanced in its self-identifying and self-treating ability. The result is a healthier body, which is more efficient in establishing homeostasis. 

There is no need for a differential diagnosis. Since it uses only two sets of 5-points for any issue, the acupuncturist simply compares the result of one or the other. If one set of 5 points does not provide relief, the other 5 points do.

The first set of 5 horary points LI1 (metal), UB66 (water), GB41 (wood), SI5 (fire), and ST36 (earth) apply to 70% of the population. Since these points are ingrained in the individual from birth, it retains the same relevancy throughout one’s lifetime. It means these same acupuncture points will be effective for a person’s variety of problems from childhood to old age.

The second set of horary points GB44 (wood), SI2 (fire), ST43 (earth), LI5 (metal), and UB40 (water), apply to 30% of the population. These points were discovered by Lee, Dongwoong in his text Physical Constitution by Yin-Yang Theory (체질음양론), published in 1999. These points are horary points from the perspective of the five-element order that begins with Wood on the yang meridians at the Jing-Well points, just as yin meridians do. Therefore, the new horary points are GB44 (Wood, Jing-Well), SI2 (Fire, Ying-Spring), ST43 (Earth, Shu-Stream), LI5 (Metal, Jing-River), and UB40 (Water, He-Sea).

Pick only one side of the body. Whether the selection is ipsilateral or contralateral to the problem, the relief is identical. Acupuncturing both sides is not recommended until the right, and left sides are verified of the traditional or alternate points.

After giving acupuncture to more than 8,000 patients for more than 80,000 treatments to patients from all continents, the alternative horary points were verified to be as beneficial as the traditional horary points. The alternate points were significantly helpful when the traditional order did not work.

Other acupuncturists have observed the same outcome. The dream of acupuncture being simple and effective has arrived. Once you see the result yourself, you also will be a believer. Korean physician Jema Lee foresaw constitutional acupuncture would be discovered 100 years from his time. Bisoma is a key component of Sasang’s four constitutions of acupuncture.

Bisoma Acupuncture is a stand-alone protocol, which is enough to give phenomenal relief to your patients. But you can still add your favorite points, as long as they are not transporting points. You will be glad that you added Bisoma as a tool in your medicine bag.