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The Acupuncture Times starts its first publishing on April, 2019. It is first ever Korean and English bilingual printed newspaper in Korean Acupuncturist community in the States.

Target readers are acupuncturists, and students in acupuncture schools in U.S., and venders, and one who is interested in Alternative Medicine in America.

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Newspaper Comunication Service

3251 W. 6th St. Suite 348

Los Angeles, CA 90020

T. 213-700-4950 (main number)

Email: [email protected]

About us

Our news articles cover mainly current and scientifically proven practical information of acupuncture and herbal medicine that could be applied to real practice.

We value participation of readers of The Acupuncture Times. We have belief; ten common people’s one step is greater than a great man’s ten steps.

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