Power of Hoary Points: ST36, SI5, GB41, UB66, and LI1

△Horary Acupuncture Points: Acupuncture treatment is similar to the act of a fisherman casting a net to catch fish. imageⓒshutterstock_Vector-Mine

It Can Be Stimulated Regardless of Disease Without Diagnosis

By David Lee, L.Ac.

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that addresses multiple conditions simultaneously, akin to catching a school of fish. One throws out a fishing net into the water. He pulls one rope, and the whole net closes. This means acupuncture provides benefits for various ailments at once. For example, a patient may experience relief from seemingly unrelated pains in the head, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, and foot without needing specific acupuncture points for each condition.

This holistic effect is achieved through special acupuncture points known as Horary points. A Horary point is an acupuncture point that shares the same elemental association as its corresponding meridian. For instance, Stomach 36 is an Earth point on an Earth meridian.

Other examples include:

  • Small Intestine 5, a Fire point on a Fire meridian.
  • Gall Bladder 41, a Wood point on a Wood meridian.
  • Urinary Bladder 66, a Water point on a Water meridian.
  • Large Intestine 1, a Metal point on a Metal meridian.

These points are inherent in about 70% of the population, meaning these reactive spots are ingrained in a person for their lifetime.

In East Asian medicine, a person’s totality is represented by the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. This is similar to the systems of muscle, bone, nerves, organs, glands, immunity, and circulation in Western medicine. Optimal health is achieved when these systems work independently and in conjunction with each other. Similarly, when all five Horary points are stimulated, the entire body engages in healing, like accessing the five most influential master switches that integrate the body’s network.

Through the stimulation of Horary points, the body’s ability to self-identify and self-treat is enhanced. This leads to an automatic adjustment of imbalances, resulting in smoother functioning and the reversal of disease.

The benefits of Horary points are not limited to their known actions; they extend to all conditions acupuncture is known to treat. Therefore, these points can be stimulated in any person, regardless of the disease, without the need for a differential diagnosis.

Case Study: Michael K., Age 58

Michael K. had ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory arthritis affecting the entire spine, including the neck, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral regions, causing constant discomfort. He also had a partial tear in his left shoulder labrum, diagnosed three months ago. He had been suffering from plantar fasciitis, an inflammatory pain in the heel and bottom of his feet, for two months.

After the first treatment on his left side, using the five Horary points, Michael noticed immediate relief in all affected areas. Further treatments provided additional relief, with each session showing progressive improvement on a weekly basis. Although the pain fluctuated daily, there was a consistent trend toward stability in terms of intensity, frequency, and duration. After only eight treatments, Michael reported more than 80% relief.

While acupuncture cannot reverse structural issues, it significantly improves Michael’s pain, resulting in increased stability and a higher quality of daily living by enhancing the body’s self-healing capabilities.






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