I will Support My Students Capable to Meet Patient’s Expectations

△ Dongguk University Los Angeles Campus.

Seungdeok Lee, President, DULA.

“I will teach my students who are confident with Eastern medicine as well as Western medicine.”

Dongguk University Los Angeles (DULA) is the US campus of Dongguk University, one of South Korea’s oldest and most prestigious Eastern medical schools. Acupuncture Times interviewed the school president, Lee, Seungdeok, KMD, Ph.D. to discuss his recent achievements and future plans.

△ Seungdeok Lee, President, DULA.

The president Lee has been working at DULA for 4 years. Before President Lee was appointed, he worked as a professor and researcher. He has lots of experiences with teaching acupuncture and performing research projects with renowned institutes like National Institute of Health, NIH and World Health Organization, WHO.

President Lee said that “My educational goal is to make my students capable enough to meet their patient’s expectations.” According to President Lee, the school renovated teaching methods have been implemented at campuses in Dongguk University. Two professors teach the subject per semester. One professor teaches the first half of the subject and the other teaches the rest.

Also, in order for student to feel being comfortable in California Acupuncture License Exam(CALE) format, all students, regardless of their respective language programs, need to take the exams in one big hall together. All students are required to submit OMR answer sheets after each test like CALE.

Also, the Doctoral program of DULA has been remodeled. “Academic goals for education of students in Doctoral program are focused on developing acupuncturists who are familiar with evidence based medicine.”

He added, “In the future, I would like to provide more chances for my students to visit and observe how evidence based treatments have been applied in acupuncture clinics and hospitals in Korea.” (More Information: DULA Website www.dula.edu, Tel. 213-487-0110)