Conceptual Approaches of Qi, and Quantum Theory

Young woman getting acupuncture treatment in therapy room

By David Park, Founder, South Baylo University

I explained conventional science also known as Euclidian science and new science. Also, conceptual similarities of Mobius strip and acupuncture theories and Han spirt.

Euclidian science explains the smallest substance is solid stage, but new science understands something that has energy and its own wavelength is the basic and smallest component of element. This month let me talk about wave and energy and Qi which is made with wave and energy. And let’s review old Korean text that describes Han spirit and how Han spirit is connected to acupuncture theory.

Quantum physicists say energy is a wave and the wave is consisted with frequency and intensity and a form, and it creates another energy or substance. According to the theory, a wave has information and all living creatures such as animals and plants have ability to interpret information from the wave that generated by other entity. The Quantum theory explains that a living creature has certain discrete temperature levels or energy from a glowing body will occupy different areas of the color spectrum. In other words, an animal and plant are able to communicate by the photon which is a type of elementary particle including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. The communication of living creatures makes possible to control metabolism and to adopt environmental changes.

There is a phrase from Chunbookyung which is the bible of Koreans and saying, “The one generates three and the one exists eternally.” There have been many explanations for the meaning of the phrase. One said three from the one represented the sky, the earth, and the human. Another claimed the three could be understood as three basic elements of the sun which are light, heat, and the center. I assumed that it needs various explanations of the phrase because the meaning of the phrase is too profound.

I personally believe that meaning of the three could be compared to 3 elements of wave from the Quantum theory. And it is also considered that acupuncture theory has concept of new science and quantum theory from the beginning.

In Korean, there are many common expressions that could be shared similar meaning of photon. For example, as Koreans express breath, dream, and wind, words with suffixes which have meaning of photon or wave, instead of using noun itself. This is another proof that the Korean culture has understood and accepted new science and quantum theory for such a long time.

There is other Korean expressions to describe strong-minded or to be taken aback for instances. Korean people say one has strong Qi in order to describe one who has strong-minded and one’s Qi suddenly obstructed to describe one is taken aback. From those expressions, I thought there is high possibility for Korean understood the equation E=MC2 which means mass and energy is interchangeable. That expressions are example of application of Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

A French mathematician and physicist Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier described the Qi as subtle energy.

According to theory of Einstein, Quantum theory, and Fourier’s theory, I reached a conclusion that Qi is a form of energy. The energy has mass. The mass is wave. And everything is wave.

The wave is also considered as number. In common Korean language the concept of number is easily found. Korean word for fortune and suffixes that uses meaning of number.

Acupuncture treatment applies concept of wave. Balancing disturbed Qi movement through acupuncture treatment is also understood as a process to normalize the wave that temporarily changed to be abnormalized by acupuncture treatment. Therefore, an acupuncture treatment is a process of normalizing wave in a body that represents the whole universe.

I would like to recommend for students who are studying acupuncture to study Han spirit. Acupuncture treatment is focused on balancing abnormality which causes symptom in body with empathy of a practitioner. Do not confuse balancing with fixing the problem with acupuncture needling or prescribing herbal formula.

I have been keep talking similar subjects on my past column in order to define good acupuncturist and to show how you can achieve it.



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