“We Strive to Instill 3 Principal Virtues: Value, Peace, and Professionalism.”

△ South Baylo University Anaheim Campus.

Edwin D. Follick, President, South Baylo University

More than 40 years ago, Dr. David J Park founded South Baylo University which has offering 3 languages programs in English, Korean, and Chinese.

△ Edwin D. Follick, President, South Baylo University.

“Our philosophy remains the same today as it was decades ago. We strive to instill three principal virtues: Value, Peace, and Professionalism.”

As a leader in acupuncture and Oriental medical education, the school pursues its mission in a student-centered environment driven to deliver an excellent education. Also the school harbors a strong commitment to patient care.

Faculty, students, and staff of the school work together to advance knowledge of both Eastern and Western science. “We are raising the bard for the next generation of doctors so that they in turn will improve the quality of education their successors attain.”

△ South Baylo University Los Angeles Campus.

“I believe that our research center makes South Baylo University more special” he added. The research center attempts to discover more effective therapeutic methods and build on the ancient scientific foundations of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Last March, there was a outstanding research result regarding treatment for smell disturbance of patients who have Parkinson’s disease. The research found that special treatment that has been designed by the research center was helping more than 80% of the subjects’ symptoms and enhanced quality of life. (More Information: South Baylo University Website www.pacificcollege.edu Tel. 714-533-1495 Anaheim, 213-738-0712 LA)