DONGUIBOGAM; Internal Bodily Elements-07. Dream (3)


Written By Jun Heo(許浚, 1539~1615), Translated by Namil Kim, Wung Seok Cha et al., Published by Ministry of Health & Welfare (Korea)

11 Uneasiness When Lying Down 臥不安 누우면 불안한 것

① When people lie down, blood returns to the liver. If the blood is not tranquilized and does not return to the liver, even if people lie down, people feel fright palpitations and cannot lie down.

② Huangdi (黃帝) asked, “Why are people uneasy when they are lying down?” Qibo (岐伯) answered, “It is because the five viscera have been damaged and the essence is unbalanced. People do not know they are affected but they are uneasy when lying down.” A Fourteen Ingredients Right Formula [the prescription is mentioned in the chapter on Spirit] is mainly used. It also treats when the heart and liver are deficient and the patient feels uneasy when sleeping or lying down.

③ Huangdi (黃帝) asked, “Why cannot people lie down immediately?” Qibo (岐伯) answered, “The lungs cover the five viscera. If lung qi is exuberant, the lungs become big, and if the lungs are big, people cannot lie down immediately.” [Some said pulse (脈) instead of lungs]. Moreover, “The three foot yang meridians flow downwards. The yang brightness meridian is the stomach meridian, thus its qi should flow down as well. The yang brightness meridian flows up and escapes from its original pathway, so the patient feels uneasy even if he/she is lying down. That is why in the Inner Classic (內經) it is said, ‘If the stomach is in disharmony, the patient feels uneasy even lying down’. If the patient cannot lie down and experiences difficulty in breathing, this is because he/she has edema.”

12 Somnolence Due to Heavy Weight 身重嗜臥 몸이 무거워 눕기 좋아하는 것

① Huangdi (黃帝) asked, “People want to lie down constantly, which qi causes this?” Qibo (岐伯) answered “These kinds of people have big intestines and stomach, their skin is damp, and their flesh is not released. If the intestines and stomach are big, defense qi stays longer; if the skin is damp, the flesh is not released so the circulation of defense qi is slowed. Defense qi always circulates in the yang aspect during the daytime and always circulates in the yin aspect in night. That is why people fall asleep when yang qi is exhausted and wake up when yin qi is exhausted. However, if the intestines and stomach are big, defense qi stays longer; if skin is damp and flesh is not released, the circulation of defense qi becomes slow so it stays longer in the yin aspect. Therefore, its qi is not pure and the eyes get closed, so people feel somnolence.”

② A liver deficiency, kidney deficiency, and spleen deficiency all make the body feel heavy and tight. In the Interpretation, it is said, “If the kidneys are deficient, they cannot control the spleen so the body becomes heavy, if the kidneys are deficient, the spleen is exuberant so the body becomes heavy.” and also “If the spleen is affected, the body is heavy.” Moreover “If the spleen meridian is affected, the body is heavy.”

③ To be languid and somnolent is because of dampness in the spleen and stomach. Use Calm Stomach Powder. [The prescription is mentioned in the chapter on Internal Damage]. People feel heavy because of dampness.

13 Aversion to Company and Wanting to Be Alone 惡人欲獨處 사람을 싫어하고 홀로 있고자 하는 것

In the Inner Classic (內經), it is said, “If the stomach meridian is troubled, the patient gets sick, has an aversion to company, closes doors and windows, and wants to be alone. Even when lesser yin is deficient, the patient closes doors and windows, and wants to be alone.” Moreover, “When the stomach meridian has reversal cold, the patient experiences difficulty in breathing, and feels stuffy. As he/she feels stuffy, he/she does not like to be with people.” And in the Interpretation, it is said “‘Wan (惋)’
is when heat is accumulated inside and induces stuffiness.”

14 Methods for Sleeping 寢睡法 잠자는 법

① When sleeping, if the patient lies down on the side with the knees bent, it helps the heart qi. If the patient stretches oneself when waking up, the essence-spirit will not be dispersed. If the patient lies down straight, it calls demons and ghosts. That is why Confucius did not sleep lying straight like a corpse.

② Do not take a nap because it makes qi get away. Moreover, close your mouth while you sleep during the night. If the mouth
is open, qi gets away and pathogens enter through the mouth and the patient contracts disease. In order to supply qi, it is better to lie facing down or lie on the side than to lie facing straight up. Confucius did not sleep facing straight up like a corpse. That is why it is said, “Do not hesitate to lie down on the side, do not hesitate to stretch when waking up.” If the patient sleeps facing straight up like a corpse, one could be possessed by ghosts. Also, people must turn over five times in their sleep.

③ If the patient cannot sleep comfortably during the night, it is because the blanket is too warm and the heat cannot get out. Put away the blanket immediately and wipe out the sweat pores. If the blanket is too thin and the patient is cold, cover with another blanket and the patient will be able to sleep comfortably. If the patient cannot sleep because of hunger, make the patient eat a little; if the patient cannot sleep because of satiety, make the patient drink some tea then walk or sit down.

④ To sleep with the lamp lit up makes the spirit uneasy.

⑤ Do not sleep facing straight up. If you put your hands above the chest, you will be dreaming of ghosts and will not be able to wake up. If the patient is dreaming of ghosts in a dark place, one should not shed light on the person, and also one should not approach the patient and call out hastily. Just take away the hands from over the chest and wake the patient up slowly, blow the powder of Gleditsiae Spina (皂角) or powder of Pinelliae Tuber (半夏) into the patient’s nose. Then the patient will wake up soon.

15 Methods of Escaping from Nightmares 辟惡夢 악몽을 쫓는 법

① Do not talk about your nightmares. Look to the east, carry a knife, keep water in your mouth, spout it out and say, “I wish nightmares stick to trees and plants, I wish good dreams become jewels!” and bad incidents will not occur. Moreover, it is good to not talk about good and bad things that occurred in dreams.

② If you take Moschus (麝香) for a long time, you will not be awakened during dreams and you will not be dreaming of ghosts. Moreover, if you put a lump of Moschus of good quality in your pillow and sleep on it, pathogens will be removed and nightmares will be repulsed.

③ Styrax Liquides (蘇合香) prevents dreaming and dreaming of ghosts. Take it or attach it to the waist.

④ Make a pillow with the skull of a tiger and lay on it, nightmares will disappear and one will not ream of ghosts.

⑤ Rhinocertis Cornu (犀角) prevents you from dreaming of ghosts. Take it orally or attach it to the waist.

⑥ Antelopis Cornu (羚羊角) makes the heart qi peaceful, prevents dreaming of ghosts, removes pathogens, and prevents frightening in dreams.