Methamphetamine and Valley Fever in a Lesser Yang Constitution

△ image© shutterstock_ Shyripa Alexandr

By David Lee, L.Ac.

Bisoma acupuncture reduces drug withdrawal in the brain and spinal cord by bringing back chemical balance. Bisoma is a simple two-constitutions acupuncture protocol. Asian herbal medicine also helps by bringing the organs, glands, and immune system back into normal functioning. When the body feels good, the mind is calmer. Food choices for the body type are important, too. Common foods are a mild medicine; daily consumption accumulates as a strong physiological influence over time.

Even methamphetamine with a high potential for abuse can successfully be treated. Methamphetamine was originally created for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity; its abuse is high on the streets.

My patient was taking methamphetamine for years, resulting usual side effects. She also had chronic muscle aches all over body and hot flashes from menopause. Furthermore, she had a lung disease called valley fever, which was caused by a fungus called coccidioidomycosis in the desert of southwestern United States. Valley fever infection was 5 years ago, but she still had chronic lung problems and felt unhealthy.

On the first day of treatment, she was given a left-side Yang Horary points in Metal-Order of LI1 (Metal), UB66 (Water), GB41 (Wood), SI5 (Fire), and ST36 (Earth). The first treatment reduced body pain and calmed her mind. Follow-up treatments were even more helpful. She only had 6 acupuncture treatments in 25 days. From the third visit, Wood points LI3, UB65, ST43, and SI3 were added for her primary Lesser Yang and secondary Greater Yang constitution. Constitutionally, she has deficient Water, Wood, Fire and excessive Earth, Metal. Stimulating a Wood point helps it to be tonified and promotes the neighbors Water and Fire elements. The distal excessive Earth and Metal elements are controlled. So only stimulating Wood points help other four elements for a proper balance. There are various ways to diagnose her constitution. This patient was a Soyangin in Sasang, Pitta-Vata in Ayurveda, Sanguine in Unani, Achievement in Need Theory, Extrovert-Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving in Myers-Briggs.

Because some patients are highly reactive to acupuncture, correct points can immediately provide relief. Less reactive patients usually experience a significant relief within 6 treatments. The beauty of acupuncture is that it can be given 3 times a day for even a better result. Some people need alternative Horary points in Wood-Order, which are GB44(Wood), SI2 (Fire), ST43 (Earth), LI5 (Metal), and UB40 (Water). The practitioner must distinguish the efficacy of Metal-Order or Wood-Order on every individual.

An herbal formula called Jing Fang Bai Du San (Qiang Huo, Du Huo, Chai Hu, Qian Hu, Jing Jie, Fang Feng, Chi Fu Ling, Sheng Di Huang, Di Gu Pi, and Che Qian Zi) was helpful as an internal medicine. This formula quickly helped her internal system towards homeostasis, resulting in self-healing in many ways. Her immune system became stronger and inflammation was significantly down. Her energy and stamina had increased. She felt she was getting herself back. The beauty of Sasang herbal medicine is tapping into one’s natural inherent ability to self-heal. It is not a symptomatic- or disease-focused treatment. That is why the recovery is real and lasting. Her months of anti-fungal prescription helped only a little bit, caused allergic reaction, and injured the stomach and intestine.

She went on a Lesser Yang and whole-food-plant-based diet with reduced carbohydrate and meat. It not only reduced inflammation and stress to her body, but it also promoted a sense of well-being and better functioning of internal system. She lost weight and her figure became slim, which was an additional bonus. On the 33rd day, the patient expressed a constant feeling of health in mind and body. Her past clearly felt was behind her. She was able to move forward and help others rather than receiving help. 

For many, Bisoma acupuncture is quick in re-balancing the brain chemistry so that the withdrawal intensity is less, and recovery period is shorter. Two or three treatments a day can make the improvement process even faster. Asian herbs as phytonutrients make sure the bodily functions are optimal so that the brain can recover more easily. A holistic improvement causes the mind and body to be well-integrated. With this experience of freedom from sickness to recovery, the patient is proactively making good choices. Self-motivated decisions are easier to implement. Natural healing empowers the mind and body to have a higher quality of living.