DONGUIBOGAM; Internal Bodily Elements-07. Dream (4)


Written By Jun Heo(許浚, 1539~1615), Translated by Namil Kim, Wung Seok Cha et al., Published by Ministry of Health & Welfare (Korea)

16 Instructions for Administering Medicinals 用藥法 용약법

① When the patient has a deficiency and dreams a lot, add Ginseng Radix (人參) and Fossilia Ossis Mastodii (龍骨).

② When the gallbladder is deficient and the patient has insomnia, this is the cold syndrome. Add the powder of stir-baked Zizyphi Semen (酸棗仁) in a Phyllostachys Folium (竹葉) infusion. When the gallbladder is excessive and the patient sleeps a lot, this is the heat syndrome. Add the powder of raw Zizyphi Semen (酸棗仁) to a Jakseol tea (Sparrow’s Tongue Tea) (washed with Zingiberis Rhizoma Crudus juice) infusion.

③ A man was affected by fear: he thought that he would be detained, he could not sleep in peace and could not experience the taste of food. Use Ginseng Radix (人蔘), Atractylodis Rhizoma Alba (白朮) and Angelica Gigantis Radix (body part) (當歸) as the sovereign medicines, use Citrus Unshius Pericarpium (陳皮) as the assistant medicine, and use limited quantities of Phellodendri Cortex (soaked in salty water then stir-baked) (黃柏) and Scrophulariae Radix (baked) (玄蔘) as the courier medicines. After a month of taking the medicine, he felt comfortable. This is because fear damages the kidneys. Phellodendri Cortex (黃柏) (soaked in salty water then stir-baked) and Scrophulariae Radix (玄參) (baked) pull Ginseng Radix (人參) and Angelica Gigantis Radix (當歸) to enter the kidneys.

17 Simple Prescriptions 單方 단방

There are 18 kinds in total.

  • Cervi Capitis Caro 鹿頭肉: It cures vexation and oppression and cures patients who dream a lot or see ghosts in dreams. Boil it and drink the broth, and eat the meat.
  • Benzoinum 安息香: It cures women having sexual intercourse with ghosts in their dreams. Mix with Realgar (雄黃) and make pills. Burn it and fumigate on the pubic area, and she will not have such dreams.
  • Pleioblasti Amari Folium 苦竹葉: It cures insomnia caused by a vexation of the deficiency type. Boil and eat it.
  • Tritici Semen 小麥: It cures patients who sleep badly due to vexing heat. Boil and eat it.
  • Zizyphi Semen 酸棗仁: If the patient sleeps too much, use it raw; if one cannot sleep, use it roasted.
  • Ulmi Cortex 楡白皮: It cures insomnia. Jigong said, “Large-fruited elm makes people sleep.” This is the meaning. Take a new grown fruit and shell and cook porridge or broth with it. It makes people sleep well.
  • Mali Asiaticae Fructus 林檎: It cures insomnia. If taken in large quantities, it induces sleep.
  • Hibisci Cortex 木槿: Infuse and make it into a thin gruel. It makes people sleep well.
  • Pteridii Holium Tener 蕨: Eating this will induce sleep.
  • Braseniae Herba 蓴: If eaten continuously, it induces sleep.
  • Adenophorae Radix 沙參: It cures patients who sleep a lot and always want to sleep. Boil or season it and eat.
  • Tetrapanacis Medulla 通草: It treats patients who always want to sleep because of splenic jaundice. Make a decoction and drink it.
  • Mume Fructus Praeparatum 烏梅: It cures insomnia. If made into a tea to drink, it helps one sleep well.
  • Theae Folium 茶: It helps one sleep less. If drunk warm, it makes one sleep less.
  • Ixeris dentata (Thumb.) Nakai and Ixeris chinensis (Thunb.) Nakai subsp. Versicolor (Fisch. Et Link.) Kitam. 苦菜及苦苣: It makes one sleepless. If eaten for a long time, it helps one sleep less.
  • Vespertilio superans Thomas 伏翼: Take its blood and drop it on the eyes, then it will make one sleepless.
  • Equi Capitis Os 馬頭骨: It is mainly used to treat patients who sleep a lot. Make a pillow and lie on it, it makes one sleepless.
  • Cassiae Semen 草決明子: If eaten for a long time, it makes one sleepless.

18 Acupuncture and Moxibustion 鍼灸法 침구법

① When the patient has insomnia because the gallbladder is cold, stimulate GB44.

② When you feel tired and sleep a lot, flex the ring finger, and apply one cone of ignited moxa on the pointed part of the second joint.

③ When the patient has fright palpitations and insomnia, stimulate SP6. If the patient cannot lie down, stimulate BL38.