AcuDepot, Kyungokdabowhan Sales Event


Acudepot will reduce regular tag price of Kyungokdabowhan from 1st of April to 30th of April for 5 or 10 boxes purchases. With 5 boxes of purchase, price will down from $110.00 per box to $90.00 and with 10 boxes of purchase, price will reduced from $110.00 per box to $80.00. A Kyungokdabowhan box contains 30 pills.

Kyungokko, also known as Qiong-yu-gao in China, is a traditional Korean medicinal formula composed of Rehmannia glutinosa var. purpurea, Panax ginseng, Poria cocos, Lycium chinense, Aquilaria agallocha, and honey. Kyungokko and Kyungokdabowhan shares same formula. Only different is type of dosage. Kyungokdabowhan is pill type and it is more convenient for carrying and taking than its conventional dosage type. (T. 562-908-5000)

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