Diagnosis of a Greater Yin Dry Type

image(c)David Lee, L.Ac.

A Greater Yin Characteristic Could be Shown among Taeeumin and Soeumin.

By David Lee, L.Ac.

A Greater Yin body type is present in two constitutions of Sasang four constitutional medicine. For a Taeeumin, Greater Yin is the primary. A Soeumin can also have a Greater Yin characteristic as its secondary. Dry types derive benefits from dampening foods and herbal medicine. 

A Greater Yin has big Wood (Liver and Gall Bladder) and small Metal (Lung and Large Intestine). A Taeeumin has a Warm type as its secondary constitution. A Soeumin has a Cool type as its primary constitution.

Below are some psychological and physiological characteristics. Not all information has to be present to identify the Greater Yin type.

  1. I do not find high protein and oily foods to be heavy. I digest them quickly, and my bowels do not change. It results in weight loss and an increase in energy, focus, and clarity. Rather, I feel sick with the lettuce and cabbage diet.
  2. I do not get motion sickness easily, such as on boats or airplanes. I can read a book as a passenger in a car for more than 15 minutes when moving straight and at a constant speed.
  3. I am not intolerant to milk products. I do not feel bloated or have a change in bowel movement. I can drink two glasses of milk every day without symptoms.
  4. My sense of smell is keener than my sense of hearing. I tend to use lots of odor words when describing situations, people, or objects.
  5. I am not bothered by a strong odor from perfume or cologne. Rather, I feel invigorated and prefer to wear it, especially on special occasions.
  6. Regardless of the quality, my voice is middle- to low-pitched. When signing, I am more comfortable with voicing a baritone sound than a tenor.
  7. I would rather be in the cold than hot weather. Cold temperature is more acceptable. Hot weather can make me feel cranky and out of sorts.
  8. When I am distracted, I often forget I have a nagging pain. My tolerance to pain is higher than an average person. Contact sports, although painful, motivates me to do more rather than avoiding.
  9. I feel comfortable wearing a scarf or turtleneck around my neck in cooler weather. I often wear them as a fashion statement.
  10. I feel comfortable keeping a piece of jewelry on my body, even if it is heavy. Metallic necklaces, wristbands, and watches are not cumbersome.
  11. Wearing a hat makes me feel comfortable and cozy. I can wear a hat or hoodie all day long.
  12. I can talk or sing for a long time. My voice does not get hoarse easily, and my throat is not affected because of strong musculature.
  13. I like physical activities that require strength or stamina. Rather than a light aerobic type of exercise, I prefer to lift heavyweights. My muscles grow quickly and retain their mass.
  14. My shoes tend to break down easily, especially on the sides. My bodyweight tends to be on the heavy side, and the strong leg muscles compromise the structure of the shoes quickly. Also, wide shoes fit my wide feet.
  15. I can stay up all night to finish a project. My body is robust and can handle physical challenges.


  1. I can stand for a long time and do not need to sit. My strong musculature and big bones make it easy to maintain posture.


  1. I am a morning person. I go to bed early and get up early. My tendency to plan and strategize spurs me to get adequate sleep to tackle the next day’s agenda earlier.
  2. I tend to think things through and plan before acting thoroughly. I am natural at managing people and situations.
  3. I have no problem with heights and can work in high places with relative ease. My strong musculature allows me to maintain posture.
  4. I am allergic to shellfish such as shrimp, clams, mussels. I have one or more symptoms of a scratchy throat, swelling in the mouth, or itchy skin if/when I consume them.
  5. I have/had gallstones. No gall stone does not preclude a Greater Yin.




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