The Internal Training of Cinnabar Circulation 還丹內煉法 환단내련법

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Written By Jun Heo(許浚, 1539~1615), Translated by Namil Kim, Wung Seok Cha et al., Published by Ministry of Health & Welfare (Korea)

① It is said in the Dialogue about the Golden Elixir (金丹問答): “Metal fluid refers to Metal and Water. Metal is the mother of Water and it is called cinnabar circulation. It is called so because the mother hides the afterbirth of her child. The wise men of the early days said, ‘Cinnabar refers to the cinnabar field and fluid refers to the fluid in the lungs.’ it is called the ‘cinnabar circulation of metal-fluid’ because it circulates the fluid of the lungs to the cinnabar field.”


② In the Tribute to Master Chen (贈諶高士歌): “Dear, listen to my words. The true and mysterious secrets are not many; it drives the cart at the time of the cry of a dragon and roaring of a tiger in the deep night and does not rest even for a moment. After a while, it is moved up to the top of mud ball, which is like boiling white snow on a jade braizer. Spirit-water of the lake of flowers is the most clear; it moistens the yellow bud in the right season. Swallow often the treasurable saliva then the body will get warm and the complexion will brighten. There are thousands of little ways introduced in other texts, but this is of the most certain.”


③ It is said in the Book of Changes’ Perfected Doctrine (易眞論): “A person who is under training of heavy discipline tonifies one’s body by moving the genuine Fire after taking medicine. When the Fire moves, one will suddenly feel something in the coccygeal passage, and hitting along the pulley passage and BL-9 passage with dripping sound, the Fire will move up to the mud ball palace. Again it hits the palate and move down along inside the mouth, with taste of cold condensed milk. When one feels such things it is a sign of metal fluid returning to the cinnabar field. Swallow this slowly and bring it down to the cinnabar field. If one does it continuously without break, the five viscera become clear and empty. At this state, when one closes the eyes and looks inside, the viscera and bowels are seen as clear as they might be seen under the candlelight and the golden shade gradually covers the body; this is the state of the true brightness.”


④ It is said in the Dialogue about the Golden Elixir (問答): “The point of cinnabar circulation is in spirit-water and the lake of the flower. Spirit-water is fluid and the lake of the flower is the water gathered within the mouth.”


⑤ Shaozi (邵子) said, “The spirit of heaven comes from the sun; the spirit of humans comes from the eyes. Therefore, there is a saying that the heart follows where the eyes are set. Hence, the method of training the inside of the body is to have one’s eyes looking at the nose, with the nose corresponding to the umbilicus, and bringing down the heart Fire to go into the cinnabar field. One can do this with little effort.”