Facts and Findings Regarding Acupuncture Treatment for LBP

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Back pain is one of the most common reasons for Americans to visit their doctor.

American Society of Acupuncture recently introduced some interesting studies regarding acupuncture treatments.

According to American Society of Acupuncturist’s recent survey,

∙ Chronic neck and/or back pain were/was found to affect 54 percent of American adults in 2017.

∙ Another survey found that 32.5 percent of those 65 years and older suffer from back pain.

∙ 29 percent of Americans believe their low back pain was due to stress, 26 percent believed it was due to being sedentary/weak muscles, and 26 percent blamed physical work.

∙ In Germany, a large-scale observational study was set up by ten health insurance funds. The study examined 454,920 patients with one or more diagnoses of chronic pain, including low back pain (45% of patients), headache (36%), and osteoarthritis (12%), who were treated with acupuncture. Effectiveness of acupuncture was rated by physicians in 22% of the patients as marked, in 54% as moderate, in 16% as minimal, and in 4% as poor (unchanged).

∙ Another German study involving 340 outpatient acupuncture practices and 1,162 patients with a mean of eight years of back pain, received ten treatments over a five-week period. The patients’ back pain reduced for more than six months post treatment, and the acupuncture effectiveness was almost twice that of conventional therapy.

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