Long Covid Treatment Cases

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Horary acupuncture points are effective in recovery.

By David Lee L.Ac

Long Covid is characterized by lingering symptoms lasting for months or longer. After the acute infection had passed, there should have been a complete recovery. Some typical symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, brain fog, difficulty thinking, weak muscles, shaking, metallic taste in mouth, loss of appetite, loss of smell/taste and feeling under the weather.

These lingering symptoms are both mentally and physically debilitating. Also, it is fear inducing due to a lack of an effective treatment. Compromise in an ability to do daily task and having no end in sight are not easy to bear.

Are there acupuncture points for Covid? Of course, yes, there are. The effective acupuncture points are the ones that help establish physiological homeostasis. When the physiological function is optimal, there is no opportunity for the Covid to take hold of. A well-functioning body prevents Covid’s ability to proliferate.


Case (1) Soeumin. 2 years ago, Mary caught Covid-19. Although many symptoms were gone, she still experienced a profound fatigue. Resting did not reduce the tiredness. 

Acupuncture was given on the right side using Horary points, which were LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36. She had 13 treatments so far. The frequency was twice a week for 5 weeks and once a week thereafter. Weekly, there was a gradual improvement in intensity, frequency, and duration.

Because her constitution was a Lesser Yin primary and Greater Yang secondary constitution, Fire element points were added. Stimulating Fire points LI5, GB38, and UB60 further helped. She can now comfortably do her normal daily activities such as working as a schoolteacher, pursuing her doctorate degree, and jogging.

Sasang formulas Chuan Xiong Gui Zhi Tang (Gui Zhi, Bai Shao Yao, Chuan Xiong, Cang Zhu, Chen Pi, Gan Cao, Sheng Jiang Da Zao) or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (Huang Qi, Ren Shen, Bai Zhu, Gan Cao, Dang Gui, Chen Pi, Huo Xiang, Zi Su Ye, Sheng Jiang, Da Zao) are the common herbal medicine for recovery.



Case (2) Taeeumin. Travis had long Covid for close to two years. Along with the typical symptoms, he also had pain in right ankle, left wrist, right inguinal/hip area, and right shoulder. He was utterly tired after work and sat on couch until time for bed.

Right side Yang horary points of LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36 did not work. The alternative horary points GB44, SI2, ST43, LI5, and UB40 were noticeably helpful. So far, he had 11 treatments at twice a week for 6 weeks. Adding Fire points LI2, UB66, GB43, and ST44 for this Greater Yin primary and Lesser Yang secondary constitution were additionally helpful. There was an incremental weekly improvement. He was not nearly as exhausted during and after work. Joint pains were mostly gone by the 5th treatment.

Sasang formula Han Da Re Shao Tang (Yi Yi Ren, Lai Fu Zi, Mai Men Dong, Jie Geng, Huang Qin, Xing Ren, Ma Huang, Gan Li) is the common herbal medicine for recovery.



Case (3) Soyangin. Rhonda’s high anxiety began after a second vaccine shot. Her fear of dying from Covid was intense. At times, she felt pressure in left chest with tingling down left arm. There was an uncontrollable tremor and shaking of hands. Prior to this, she hardly had sickness nor visited doctor.

Left side yang horary points LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36 calmed her down. She felt her anxiety attack was lessening. Adding Wood points LI3, SI3, UB65, and ST43 as a Lesser Yang primary and Greater Yang secondary constitution was additionally helpful.

And then the worst fear had realized. Rhonda caught Covid, which was 4 weeks after she began acupuncture. For two weeks, she had pneumonia and typical symptoms, which took her anxiety into a tailspin with a fear that it may kill her. When she resumed acupuncture treatment, her foggy mind and chronic cough had improved. She teared out of joy that acupuncture was again helpful in accelerating recovery.  

Sasang formula Jing Fang Di Huang Tang (Shu Di Huang, Shan Zhu Yu, Fu Ling, Ze Xie, Che Qian Zi, Qiang Huo, Du Huo) is the common herbal medicine for recovery.



Case (4) Soeumin (Han Taeeumin). From Covid, Philip had failing lungs, which required 47 days of ventilator in an emergency room. He had a constant need for an oxygen tank. 

Left-side Yang Horary Points LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36. Earth points LI11 and GB34 were added for a Lesser Yin primary and Greater Yin secondary constitution. Sasang formula Gui Zhi Ban Xia Sheng Jiang Tang (Sheng Jiang, Gui Zhi, Ban Xia, Bai Shao, Bai Zhu, Chen Pi, Zhi Gan Cao) was additionally helpful in reducing his anger and for the lungs.