Diagnosis of a Lesser Yang Warm Constitution 소양인의 특성

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By David Lee, L.Ac.

A Lesser Yang Soyangin constitution is born as a Warm body type. In its lifetime, it never changes into a Cool type. Although it is present in about 25% to 30% of population, diagnosing it has been a challenge because there were not ways of identifying this type. Now, it is easier with more descriptive characteristics.

A Lesser Yang has big Earth (Spleen and Stomach) and small Water (Kidney and Urinary Bladder). Acupuncture, foods, and Asian herbal medicine reduce this imbalance.

There is no one information that is 100% accurate to making a diagnosis. Cold type Lesser Yins can have Warm type Lesser Yang characteristics, too. But more data contributes to the big picture. The following are some psychological and physiological characteristics that can help you to identify the Lesser Yang body type.


  1. I find myself almost never skipping meals. If I skip a meal, then I get easily agitated and irritated. The sensation of hunger is quicker in Warm subtypes. The reason may be that the digestive system is efficient, resulting in a quick break down foods.
  2. I cannot eat slowly. In a group of 10 people, I am one of the first three to finish a meal. Warm types can easily swallow food down.
  3. I am not picky with foods. I tend to try new dishes and flavors. Warm types are interested in variety.
  4. I like mint flavored gum or candy more than cinnamon. Although this is subtle, some Warm types naturally gravitate toward cooling mint instead of warming cinnamon.
  5. Generally, I find myself rushing to accomplish tasks at the last moment, instead of in step-by-step increments. Warm types do not decide until the last moment because many things are of interest to them. Hence, they rush to get things done at the last moment.
  6. It is a challenge to keep a regular diary. Deeply in touch with the self on a constant basis is not as important for Warm types.
  7. My normal handwriting is a hardly legible calligraphy. Warm types tend to write with haste. There may be messy cross-outs and erase marks.
  8. I prefer to live without a daily schedule on my phone or organizer. Schedule requires selection of tasks, which Warm type does not want to be limited on.
  9. It is cumbersome to keep track of detailed information, and I am not detail oriented. Being detailed requires a Warm type to be consistently on one task, which can get easily boring.
  10. My room is often disorganized, but I can easily find what I need. I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) or a mild form of it. Warm types do not easily get flustered with the cluttered surrounding.
  11. I am usually the first person to try something new, rather than relying on someone else to be a guinea pig. Warm types are less cautious.
  12. I am diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and/or attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Some Warm types have an inability to stay on task, sit still, and be organized. Furthermore, they have a compulsion to touch things.
  13. I can sleep anywhere and sleep deeply. Warm types are not particular with surroundings and blessed with sleeping deeply.
  14. Caffeine generally does not affect my sleep. Many Warm types can sleep even after having regular coffee with dinner.
  15. Even in cold weather, I cannot sleep with a blanket over my face; I feel confined. Warm types produce abundant heat, so they feel congested when the face is covered.
  16. My hands and feet are usually warm. When they get cold, they quickly warm back up. Warm types have higher metabolism so the body can quickly regenerate heat.
  17. Drinking ice water does not cause cramps or bloating. I can drink it all day.

In addition to the above characteristics, you can find more descriptions by looking up “Influencing” according to Social Styles, “Sanguine” according to Greco-Roman Unani, “Pitta-Vata” according to Indian Ayurveda, “Achievement” according to Need Theory, and “INFP, INTP, ENFP, ENTP, ISFP, and ESFP” according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Not only Korea, but the world had contributed to the knowledge of Warm type Lesser Yangs since the ancient times. 


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