Anti-Aging with Bisoma Acupuncture and Sasang Herbal Medicine

△ Constitutional medicine can help to slow the aging process. imageⓒshutterstock_Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

By David Lee, L.Ac.


Whenever you help the body to self-heal, a process that helps to delay aging takes place. It is because the body is more efficient at maintaining homeostasis. What is a homeostasis? Homeostasis means having a normal range of chemistry where the amount is not too much nor too little. As an example, within range of glucose, red and white blood cells, creatinine, albumin, vitamins, and minerals indicate a state of health. In Asian medicine, we call this a good balance between yin and yang. Despite acupuncture and herbs having complex variables, they meet the golden standard of safety and efficacy. For thousands-of-years, our clinical scholarship had helped refine the identification of disease and even find a treatment to progress towards homeostasis.

Constitutional medicine has simple ways to automatically promote anti-aging. For those who are in their mid-life years, slowing down the aging process has a huge benefit later in life. Its holistic nature of categorizing a person for treatments results in numerous improvements on the physiology. Between the ages of 40 to 65 is when the decline is felt. Organs, glands, nerves, and even the immune system doesn’t function as well. For females, menopause can produce symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood change, and night sweats marks the most obvious body changes. For males, andropause means the decline in virility with a noticeable lack of energy, focus, and mood swings.

There are four constitutional Sasang foods and herbs than can improve these symptoms and even help you gauge the slowing of aging process. One can use the improvement of symptoms to gauge the amount of anti-aging taking place. The treatments are actually quite simple – reduce harmful foods and take beneficial herbs. By reducing the amount of harmful foods according to your constitution, you can greatly reduce stress imposed on the body. In many ways, foods are medicine. Although the impact of foods is subtle and mild, the effect adds up because food is consumed daily. Just by reducing harmful foods, the body is capable of maintaining homeostasis more efficiently. 

Constitutional herbs are stronger form of food. Therefore, aligning with the way the person’s body type functions at the DNA level allows the DNA to express itself at the epigenetic level. Beneficial foods and herbs provide an environment for the DNA to thrive with a better balance. The result is a maintenance of health and elimination of disease. Rather than chasing after a disease with a targeted treatment, constitutional medicine taps into the body’s inherent ability to heal. A higher efficiency of epigenetics means the person is experiencing a greater sense of health and well-being. Thus, the quality of living is enhanced and leads to longevity.


A regularly scheduled treatment with acupuncture is another popular method. Bisoma acupuncture is a good way to not only treat pain and inflammation, but to enhance your body’s function. It helps the body to self-heal by stimulating the relevant trigger points, which instructs the body the be more efficient. The major advantage of Bisoma acupuncture is its simplicity of having only two choices. Regardless of the disease, one of two sets of Horary points work because they are constitutional points.


Horary Points in a Population

For 70%

LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36

For 30%

GB44, SI2, ST43, LI5, and UB40


One set is constitutional for 70% of population and the other set for 30%. Either of these two sets are ingrained in an individual from birth through lifetime. Activating these points every one or two weeks will provide a stable state of well-being and mood. Asian medicine is a solution for anti-aging. A 19th century Korean physician Jema Lee’s vision for the future has arrived. We can combine the proper foods, diet, and herbs hone for longevity and preservation of life. Today, these are readily available for anyone on the globe, whether it is in a distant small village or vibrant metropolis.