Yinchenhao-Tang Clears Stagnated Heat in Yangming Organs

△Yinchenhao-Tang should be used for a patient with a rigid abdomen and a tendency to constipation. imageⓒshutterstock_pixelaway

It Could Be Used to Treat Jaundice, Pruritic Rash, and Even Tic

By Ju Bong Kang, KMD

Acts and Diagnosis

Yinchenhao-Tang is a prescription that clears heat and eliminates dampness. It is a representative prescription for discharging dampness-heat stagnated in Yangming’s stomach and intestines through urine and feces to relieve jaundice. However, even if jaundice symptoms do not exist, it still improves pruritic rash, stomatitis, eyelid inflammation and conjunctivitis, neurological symptoms, tic symptoms, etc. These symptoms belong to the excess pattern rather than the deficiency pattern.

The function of promoting the release of bile from the gallbladder is called a choleretic action, and Yinchenhao-Tang has the effect of enhancing this choleretic action. Chiharaoro(千原吳郞) of Tokyo University announced that the combination of the three drugs in Yinchenhao-Tang had a synergistic effect on each other, resulting in an excellent choleretic effect. Through this process, it was said that this prescription, along with the choleretic effect, releases dampness-heat and heat-toxin, which are stagnant in the stomach and intestines by the bitter and cold property and the pushing-purgative function of the constituent drugs. Therefore, it relieves jaundice and other symptoms. In addition, Horukinguchi of Japan said in “Kambo do Kamboyaku” Journal (「漢方と漢方薬」誌) that “Inchenhao-Tang is famous as a ‘jaundice treatment’ and is widely known to treat ‘catarrhal jaundice due to epidemic hepatitis,’ but it also has a good efficacy on the hive of eruption and itching especially due to food poisoning.”

As a slightly different content, I confirmed the efficacy of Yinchenhao-Tang as I applied the formula for children with tic symptoms who usually tend to be constipated. A few years ago, a 43-year-old man who had been out of social activities for decades due to severe voice tick symptoms visited me with his elderly mother and applied for this prescription at the ask of his mother. His pulse was powerful, his abdomen was firm, and a signal symptom of feeling of fullness and oppression over the chest and hypochondria, FFOCH appeared a little. So, he took the decoction, which combined Yinchenhao-Tang with Sini-San once daily for 10 months. Subsequently, his tic symptom recovered by nearly 70%; the prescription used then was Yin Chen 20g, Da Huang 8g, Zhi zi 20g, Chai Hu, Zhi Shi, Shao Yao, and Gan Cao, respectively 6g.

Among the constituent drugs of Yinchenhao-Tang, Yin Chen Hao becomes a monarch drug. It clears away heat and eliminates dampness, so it treats jaundice and jaundice due to immoderate drinking, furuncle, and dermatitis rhus. It is also suitable for atopic dermatitis and pruritus. Pharmacologically, In Chen Hao has the following functions: choleretic effect, antilipemic effect, coronary dilatory and fibrinolytic effect, hypotensive effect, antimicrobial activity, antipyretic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effect.

Additionally, in clinical practice, there are cases where this is used instead of Chai Hu based on the functions of the purge fire and control liver, which are the effects of Yin Chen Hao. So, when the pulse is powerful, and constipation tends to occur for tic symptoms that no longer work when the Chai Hu prescription, Yigan-San, is used. As in the previous clinical case, I often get the effect with Yinchenhao-Tang.

Zhi Zi is a minister drug. It clears away heat and promotes diuresis, cools the blood and removes toxic materials, improving jaundice, dark-colored urine, and ‘red and swollen and sour eyes’; and it improves acute jaundice hepatitis, gallbladder inflammation, nephropyelitis, and urethral inflammation due to dampness-heat of the liver and gallbladder.

Dahuang is an adjuvant drug that dispels virulent heat-evil and removes accumulation in the stomach and intestines. It treats murky urination, red, swollen, sore eyes, and Jaundice due to dampness-heat.

The characteristics of this prescription’s diagnosis are the appearance of a yellow color on the eyelid and face and wet and yellow fur on the tongue. This prescription is used for cases where the abdomen is not weak, and the pulse is usually sunken and powerful. Suppose the abdomen of a patient is weak. In that case, the pulse is not powerful, and there is no tendency for constipation. Using this prescription without Da Huang or considering Yinchen-Wuling-San to treat jaundice symptoms is necessary.



This is used for jaundice, pruritus rash, facial dermatitis, acne, stomatitis, periodontitis, insomnia, and neurological symptoms in patients with a rigid abdomen and a tendency to constipation. It is also effective for tick symptoms in children with good digestion and constipation who enjoy eating meat.



Yinchen-Wuling-San: If the abdomen is weak, a retention of body fluid in the stomach is confirmed, and urine volume or frequency of urine decreases, and jaundice appears, use Yinchen-Wuling-San. If the abdomen is hard and tends to be constipated, use Yinchenhao-Tang.


Yin Chen Hao

bitter, slightly cold



Zhi Zi

bitter, cold



Da Huang

bitter, cold