Underlying Theories of Acupuncture Treatment (27) Controlling an entire meridian is efficient as pain is shown on the meridian vertically.

△ It is more efficient to control an entire meridian if the pain is distributed along with the meridian. PictureⓒDollarphotoclub_B. Wylezich.

By Brandon SJ Oh, L.Ac.

Meridians are distributed vertically and horizontally and communicate with each other meridians. But in general, the twelve meridians are distributed vertically and show their characteristic pathology and physiology.

Either the cases like a pain appear along with a certain meridian or a meridian’s circulation is seriously blocked and acts as a pathogen, consider stimulating the entire meridian by acupuncture treatment.


▲ Application of the technique

 If a patient complains of pain on the upper and low back pain after common cold symptoms are cured, the cause of the pain on the back is from Qi and blood circulation disorder on the Urinary Bladder meridian. The common cold symptom affected the normal function of the Urinary Bladder meridian. Or a patient cannot lift hands or arms or radiating pain on a certain meridian, awaken an affected meridian by stimulating starting and ending acupuncture points of the meridian, which is called controlling the entire meridian technique. The technique could be applied to resolve Qi stagnation.

But if a radiating pain is caused by stenosis of the neural basin, taking care of where the stenosis is located first.

I mentioned earlier that the technique could be applied to resolve stagnation. For example, increased intraocular pressure due to glaucoma is considered a symptom is originating from a malfunction of the liver in general. But in case of increased intraocular pressure due to acute glaucoma, controlling the entire meridian of the Urinary Bladder meridian could be a better option.

As you inserting a needle on the UB1, firmly press the acupuncture points with cotton balls after the needle is removed. Otherwise, it could cause a bruising round on the eyes.

△ The Yang meridian absorbs energy from the sky from the upper body, and it descends toward to feet, then moves up through the Yin meridian toward the upper body. graphicⓒAcupuncture Times.

▲ A Theory Behind the Technique: Using Starting and Ending Points of a meridian

I explained the mechanism of acupuncture treatment. If a needle is inserted on an acupuncture point, the needle acts as a pivot and pushes and pull Qi of the meridian. And starting points of a meridian have stronger power to push than pull. Also, ending points of a meridian have more pulling than pushing along with the meridian.

Therefore, if starting and ending points of the same meridian used altogether, Qi movement on the meridian enhanced a lot stronger than the normal Qi movement of the meridian. Even a stream bank is filled with dirty water, and water in there gets dirtier. But after monsoon rain, all dirty water cleaned dramatically. The same will be happening after inserting needles on a meridian’s starting and ending points altogether.

To add more treatment effects, a center of Qi reaction needs to be placed on the upper body to use leg meridians. And the Qi reaction center should be placed on the lower body, then using starting and ending points of a meridian should proceed as you use hand meridians for treatments.

As I applied the technique, the treatment effect showed stronger as I put the reaction center on the lower Yin meridian to control the entire meridian of upper Yin meridians such as Lung, Pericardia, and Heart meridians. Also, as I put the reaction center on the hand Yang meridians such as Large Intestine, Small intestine, and Triple Burner to control entire meridians of Leg Yang meridians, I usually experience strong treatment effects. 


▲ Controlling Upper and Lower Qi of Human Body

Qi that moves in the 12 meridians travels vertically along with meridian distribution. Therefore, many symptoms are caused by the disruption of the vertical movement of Qi. Feeling tired and powerless, drowsiness, and legs feel heavier are good examples of Qi circulation disruption. In this case, Qi stagnated on the lower body. In contrast, symptoms like heat sensation on the upper body, headache, eye redness, and nausea are shown because Qi stagnates.

These are indications for using the entire meridian control technique.


▲ Things to Keep in Mind as You Apply the Technique

① The technique has not related to any organs. The technique only stimuli Qi movement on a target meridian.

② No need to using Taiji Points.

③ You can control Qi flow by Natural or Reversal depend on the nature of the symptom.

④ Indications for the technique are in general, pain appears as linear along with a meridian.


< Needling Sequence for the Earth Meridians>


Natural Flow (NF)/ Reversal Flow (RF)

First Acupuncture point to be used



Starting point of the meridian


Ending point of the meridian




GB 37, Connecting point of the Gall Bladder Meridian

LV 3, Source point of the liver meridian 

LU 1

LU 11


BL 58, Connecting point of the Urinary Bladder Meridian

K3, Source point of the kidney’s meridian

LU 1

LU 11

Large Intestine



GB40, Source point of the Gall Bladder meridian

LV 5, Connecting point of the Liver meridian

LI 1

LI 20


BL 64, Source point of the Urinary Bladder

K4, Connecting point of the kidney meridian

LI 1

LI 20




PC 6, Connecting point of Pericardia meridian

TE 4, Source point of triple burner meridian

ST 1

ST 45


H5, Connecting point of Heart meridian

GB 12, Source point of small intestine meridian

ST 1

ST 45




PC 7, Source point of Pericardia meridian

TE 5, Connecting point of Triple burner meridian

SP 1

SP 21


H7, Source point of Heart meridian

SI 7, Connecting point of Small Intestine meridian

SP 1

SP 21







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