Underlying Theories of Acupuncture Treatment (14) An Acupuncture Technique for Enhancing Treatment Effect

△ The technique treats symptoms from pathogen of coexistence of fullness and emptiness. imageⓒshutterstock_maoyunping

Readjusting Yin and Yang Acupuncture Technique (陰陽調和取穴)

By Brandon SJ Oh, L.Ac.

As we practice One Yin and One Yang Acupuncture Technique, we sometimes encounter the moment to determine which part is empty and which is full. In most cases, that is because of fullness and emptiness coexist on the upper and lower body.

For the cases, I would like to recommend applying One Yin and One Yang Acupuncture Technique to the upper and lower body altogether to resolve coexistence of fullness and emptiness by generating a push and pull reaction of acupuncture treatment.

The push-and-pull reaction could be generated by using Balancing Acupuncture points (調和穴部) on the upper and lower body. Also, applying Impetus Acupuncture points (推動穴部) on upper and lower body resolve Qi stagnation.

▷ As one practice acupuncture based on Readjusting Yin and Yang Acupuncture Technique, the practitioner will encounter four different sets of Balancing Acupuncture Points. Choose a group from four different sets of Balancing Acupuncture Points by a degree of prognosis of a symptom or humors and pulses (氣脈).

▷ Yin Balancing Acupuncture points are applied to the upper body, and Yin Balancing Acupuncture points are used for the lower body in case of early-stage of disease or symptom. For the upper body, Yin Balancing Acupuncture points and Yang Impetus Acupuncture Points are paired. To treat symptoms on the lower body, Yang Balancing Acupuncture Points and Yin Impetus Acupuncture points are grouped.

Followings are examples of applying Balancing Acupuncture Points and Impetus Acupuncture Points:

  • If a patient complains of gastroadynamic, LU5 (척택) and ST36 (족삼리) should be inserted first to adjust humors and pulses then insert the needle on LI4 (합곡) and SP4 (공손) which are in a relation of interior-exterior with LU5 and ST36. After inserting all needles designate an axis of Qi circulation by inserting a needle on CV12 (중완) for enhancing treatment effect. Adding the earth Taichi points, even make the treatment more effective and powerful.

② The rules that I have explained earlier could also be applied for using Four Gates. Before inserting LI4, take LU5, which is on the meridian in interior-exterior relation. Before taking LV3 (태충), inject a needle on GB34 (양릉천) which is in interior-exterior relation with the liver meridian, and the GB34 is Yang Balancing Acupuncture point.

③ By practicing acupuncture needles with the ways I talked earlier – using the Balancing Acupuncture points first, it prevents advert reaction through the acupuncture treatment session, and it will make your treatment more effective.

▷ It is possible to use Yang Balancing Acupuncture Points for the upper body and Yang Balancing Acupuncture points on the lower body. To do this way, first, choose Yin Impetus Acupuncture point of the upper body, then Yang Balancing acupuncture point, which is belonged to interior-exterior relation with the meridian of the Yin Impetus Acupuncture point. For the lower body, first, take Yang Balancing Acupuncture point and then inject acupuncture needles Yin Impetus Acupuncture points. This is only allowed for a symptom due to converted pathogens.

▷ For more severe symptoms, using Yang Balancing Acupuncture points on the upper body and Ying Balancing Acupuncture point for the lower body. After using Yin Impetus Acupuncture Points on the upper body, choose Yang Balancing Acupuncture points, which are in interior-exterior relation with the Yin Impetus Acupuncture Points. On the lower body, initially insert acupuncture needles on Yang Impetus Acupuncture Points then Yin Balancing Acupuncture points.

▷ For the most severe and chronic symptoms, using Yin Balancing Acupuncture points for the upper and lower body. Use Yin Balancing Acupuncture point for the upper body then add Yang Impetus Acupuncture points. Then, use Yang Impetus acupuncture points first. Ying Balancing Acupuncture points should be followed after inserting Yang Impetus Acupuncture Points for the lower body.