Using the Upper and Lower Energy Resources Has Fixed Order to Procedure

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Underlying Theories of Acupuncture Treatment (30) How to Use the 4 Main Energy Resources (continued)

There is No Need to Add or Remove Points from the Procedure

By Brandon SJ Oh, L.Ac.

Last month, I explained the Four Main Energy Resources, which are located near the right and left edges of the scapula and the eight ‘Liao’ points and control energy flow from the trunk to the shoulders and legs. Therefore, the upper energy resources treat shoulder pain, high blood pressure, and stroke. The lower main energy resources are used for lower back pain, prostate enlargement, and gynecologic symptoms.

This month, I will discuss more on practical aspects of the Four Main Energy Resources.

The Range of Application of the Four Main Energy Resources.

The Four Main Energy Resources have a role in controlling the body’s kinetic movement and trying to maintain moderation or midway of Qi movements. Any symptom against the role of the Four Main Energy Resources could indicate using it. Symptoms result from unevenly distributed energy and energy or Qi stagnation, such as various post-stroke symptoms. 

Suppose Qi stagnation occurs near the scapula or the upper energy resources. In that case, that will cause symptoms like shoulder pain, arm pain, or problems related to the upper body circulatory system such as hypertension, stroke, and cerebral blood circulation issues. 

Also, symptoms caused by the reversal flow of Qi due to Yang Ming Fullness could be an indication of the upper energy resource because the reversal flow usually makes severe Qi stagnation. The upper energy resource can redirect the Qi movement from the upper body to the lower part of the body.

Especially, the elders or one who has been stressed for prolonged time cause movement of the center of the body energy to the upper body from the lower body. The upper energy resource could resolve the problems due to the movement of the body energy from the original location. As the upper energy resource is used, six of the eight ‘Liao’ points should be used along with the upper energy resource.

The Qi stagnation on the meridians located on or near the lumboiliac leads to sciatica, prostate enlargement, problems related to urinary bladder, and problems related to males’ and females’ reproductive systems. And stabilization of the upper energy source helps tranquilize of mind. The treatment effect increased significantly if the Root Qi Place or the eight ‘Liao’ points were added.

The upper energy resource and the lower energy resource cannot be used simultaneously because the four energy resources have strong power to control Qi, which could damage the body during the treatment.

Things to remember as using the four energy resources.

This is a technique that does not require adding or removing certain acupuncture points. Once a practitioner decides to use either the upper energy resources or the lower energy resources, only a fixed set of acupuncture points must be inserted in a fixed order.

As you are inserting needles, be always careful not to puncture organs, including the lungs.

Applying the upper energy resource used reversed flow to pull down the stagnated energy from the upper body to the lower body.

Applying the lower energy resource used natural flow to enhance Qi for the lower body.

Procedure for using the upper energy resource 

Procedure for Using the Lower Energy Resource.

Adding Cupping to the Procedure.

To clear severe stagnation found in the place of the four energy resources, it is recommended to use cupping therapy.

If you decide to add cupping to the procedure for using either upper or lower energy resources, inserting needles on the root Qi place is not recommended.

The place(s) for locating cupping therapy could be found by palpation. If you can detect a muscle stiffness, tenderness, or spasm of four energy resources, place cupping cups on the location where you found the symptoms.