DONGUIBOGAM; Internal Bodily Elements 10. Fluids and Humors 津液 진액 (3)

△ 『Dongui Bogam-Internal Bodily Elements』 English Version. ⓒKIOM

Written By Jun Heo(許浚, 1539~1615), Translated by Namil Kim, Wung Seok Cha et al., Published by Ministry of Health & Welfare (Korea)

08 Sweating from the Chest 心汗가슴의 땀

① There is no sweating anywhere but from the heart pores. The more one thinks, the heavier sweating will become; this is because the illness originates from the heart. Use a Tangerine Peel and Mugwort Decoction.

② Use a Tangerine Peel and Mugwort Decoction if the heart pores are the only place of sweating, which is caused by thinking too much. In addition, pick the second leaf of a green malberry when dew has formed on it, dry it in the shade, warm it over a fire and grind it into powder. Mixing each 2 don with a thin gruel of rice and take it on an empty stomach. It also stops night sweating.

③ In the case of adults, sweating from the chest and armpits is due to excess heart blood. A person whose face is always reddish belongs to this case. For a child, it is due to fright. Someone suffered from night sweating of the chest and armpits for a long time. After taking Ginseng and Angelica for Lower Back Pill [the prescription is above] to collect the heart blood, he was finally cured.

④ Use a Poria Tonify Heart Decoction (茯苓補心湯) for sweating of the heart.

  • Tangerine Peel and Mugwort Decoction 陳艾湯 진애탕: Used for sweating from the chest. It is also called Shimhan (心汗, sweating of the heart). Also used for night sweating from the chest and armpits. Grind Poria Sclerotium (白茯苓) 2 nyang into powder, mix each 2 don in water steeped with Artemisia Herba left unused and take it.
  • Poria Tonify Heart Decoction 茯苓補心湯 복령보심탕: Used for sweating of the heart. Shimhan (心汗, sweating of the heart) means there is no sweating from anywhere but the heart pores. It is caused by stagnation of the seven emotions. Poria Sclerotium (白茯苓), Ginseng Radix (人參), Atractylodis Rhizoma Alba (白朮), Angelica Gigantis Radix (當歸), Rehmanniae Radix Crudus (生地黃), Zizyphi Semen (酸棗仁) (baked), Paeoniae Radix Alba (白芍藥), Liriopis Tuber (麥門冬), Citrus Unshius Pericarpium (陳皮) and Coptidis Rhizoma (黃連) 1 don each, Glycyrrhizae Radix (甘草) 3 pun, and Cinnabaris (朱砂) 5 pun (grinded into powder seperately). Chop these into 1 package, steep with 2 Zizyphi Fructus (大棗), 1 Mume Fructus Praeparatum (烏梅), and 100 grains of Tritici Immatri Semen (浮小麥), mix it with Cinnabaris (朱砂) powder, and take it.

09 Sweating from the Hands and Feet 手足汗 손발의 땀

① The cause of sweating from the hands and feet is this: fluid and humor spreads to the outside from the stomach, and when they reach the extremities, sweat comes out spontaneously. Stagnated heat in the stomach pushes fluid and humor, causing sweating. This phenomenon belongs to the yang brightness syndrome. Use a Major Bupleurum Decoction. [The prescription is in the chapter on Cold Damage]. To induce diarrhea.

② All the tonifying medicines used with Scutellariae Radix (黃芩), Coptidis Rhizoma (黃連), and Phellodendri Cortex (黃柏) did not work for sweating of the extremities. Later, Pinelliae Tuber (半夏) and Poria Sclerotium (茯苓) as sovereign medicinals, Aconiti Koreani Tuber (白附子) and Aconiti Tuber (川烏) as assistant and courier medicine were added to an Eight Substances Decoction and the sweating stopped.

③ Grind Alumen (白礬) and Puerariae Radix (葛根) 5 don each into powder, steep them in 3 bowls of water and let it boil for
up to 10 times. Wash the feet with this and wrap it around the feet everyday. Sweating will stop spontaneously in 3 to 5 days.

④ Use an Oyster Shell and Alum Elixir. [The prescription is in the chapter on Genitals]. For chronic sweating of both the armpits and soles of the feet.

10 Sweating from the Scrotum 陰汗 음낭의 땀

① Sweating of scrotum belongs to yang debilitation caused by a kidney deficiency. Use a Calm the kidneys Formula. [The prescription is seen in the chapter Deficiency Vexation].

② For continuous sweating of the scrotum, steep dried and the old Korean soy-bean paste, add some salt, and take a Minor Calm Kidneys Pill. [The prescription is in the chapter on Deficiency Vexation]. Together. A Great Allii Bulbus Formula may also be fine.

③ In addition, wash the genital organs in water steeped with Cnidii Fructus (蛇床子) (soaked in wine and baked), Alumen (白礬) and the old Korean soy-bean paste.

④ Grind Lithargyrum (密佗僧) into fine powder, mix it with Anodontae Caro Pulvis (蛤粉), sprinkle to apply it on the sweating region.

⑤ Grind Calamina (爐甘石) 2.5 don, Anadontae Concha Pulvis (蚌粉), Coptidis Rhizoma (黃連) and Galla Rhois (五倍子) 1.25 each into powder for sweating of the scrotum. First, wash in water steeped with Vespae Nidus (露蜂房) and Arecae Pericarpium (大腹皮), and sprinkle this powder on the affected area.

  • Great Allii Bulbus Formula 大蒜元 대산원: Used for sweating, dampness, and itching of the scrotum. Paste Alli Bulbus
    (大蒜) (buried in a fire covered with ashes, taken out and skin removed and pounded) with Glycine Semen Preparatum (豆豉) powder, make it into pills as big as the seed of the royal foxglove tree, and cover the surface with Cinnabaris (朱砂). Take 30 pills with water steeped with Zizyphi Fructus (大棗) and Junci Medulla (燈心) on the empty stomach.

11 Blood Sweating 血汗 혈한

The details are in the chapter on Blood.

12 Yellow Sweating 黃汗 황한

The details are in the chapter on Juandice.

13 Wind Pathogen’s Attack after Drinking Alcohol 漏風證 누풍증

Huangdi (黃帝) asked, “If there are symptoms of fever in the body, drowsiness, sweating like taking a bath, an aversion to wind and weakness, what illness is this? Qibo (岐伯) answered, “That is called Jupung (酒風, Wind pathogen’s attack after drinking) or Nupung (漏風, Wind pathogen’s attack after drinking alcohol). In the case of Nupung (漏風, Wind pathogen’s attack after drinking alcohol), one sweats so much that one cannot wear unlined clothes when eating. In the severe case, one has a fever, dyspnea, frequent thirst with a dry mouth, and cannot do hard work as the clothing is always wet with sweat.”

Use White Atractylodes Powder.

  • White Atractylodes Powder 白朮散 백출산: Used when one is struck by wind after drinking, which incurs heavy sweating so as to prevent one from wearing outer clothing. Also, cures sauna-like sweating after eating. If not cured for a long time, it will become wasting-thirst. Saposhnikoviae Radix (防風) 2.5 nyang, Atractylodis Rhizoma Alba (白朮) 1.2 nyang, and Ostreae Testa (牡蠣) (heated) 3 don. Grind these into powder, mix each 2 don with warm water, and take it.

14 Yang Collapse Sydrome 亡陽證 망양증

① Heavy sweating which does not stop is called Mangyang (亡陽, yang collapse), and not sweating is also called so. If there are symptoms of stuffiness, vexing heat in the chest, blue face and muscular spasms, it is difficult to cure. However, if the symptoms are yellow face and warm extremities, it is easy to cure.

② It is called Mangyang (亡陽, yang collapse) because genuine yang leaks out if sweating does not stop. The body will turn cold to become a blockage syndrome or cold syndrome.

③ If one sweats too much, yang will become deficient and cannot put up a strong defense. Heavy sweating will dry up fluid and humor to make urination difficult. The limbs are the origin of all yang. When fluid and humor leak out, the flexing and extending of joints will not be soft, causing contracture of the limbs. Usually a Cinnamomum and Aconite Decoction is used.

④ Use the anhidrotic method for a yang collapse caused by too much sweating. [It will be mentioned later].

⑤ Use the Tao’s Renewal
Powder [the prescription is in the chapter on Cold Damage] for not sweating due to a yang collapse caused by a yang deficiency.

  • Cinnamomum and Aconite Decoction 桂枝附子湯 계지부자탕: Used for continuous sweating and contracture of the limbs, making it hard
    to flex and extend the limbs. This caused when too much sweating is
    induced in the case of Cold Damage. Cinnamomi Ramulus (桂枝) and Aconiti
    Lateralis Radix Preparata (附子) (rolled in a damp paper and baked) 3 don
    each, Paeoniae Radix Alba (白芍藥) 2 don, and Glycyrrhizae Radix (甘草) (baked)
    1 don. Chop these into 1 package, steep in water with 5 pieces of Zingiberis
    Rhizoma Crudus (生薑), and 2 pieces of Zizyphi Fructus (大棗) and take it.[B146]