DONGUIBOGAM; Internal Bodily Elements-Essence 精 정 (2)

△ 『Dongui Bogam』 English version.

Written By Jun Heo(許浚, 1539~1615), Translated by Namil Kim, Wung Seok Cha et al., Published by Ministry of Health & Welfare (Korea)

04 Diagnosis by Pulse Taking 脈法맥법

① It is said in the Classic of the Pulse (脈經); “If a man has a faint, weak and rough pulse and is childless, it is because his essence qi is watery and cold.”

② It is said in the Rhymes for the Pulse (脈訣); “When essence is leaked to the urine and the urine is murky, it is manifested in the cubit pulse. When the cubit pulse is bound, hollow, stirred, and tight, there is no doubt that the essence is leaking to cause murky urine.”

③ Also, “A rough pulse means the lack of essence-blood, and when a man’s pulse is rough such a symptom is called an injury of the essence.” Also, “The rough pulse implies depletion of essence and drying of blood.”

④ It is said in the Medical Mirror of Past and Present (醫鑑): “The essence is harmed when the pulse is faint and rough.”

05 Essence Should Be Secured Thoroughly 精宜秘密 정은 굳게 지켜져야 한다

① It is said in the Inner Classic (內經): “The keypoint of yin-yang is that yin is strong only when yang is well protected. This is why yin qi is said to have collapsed when yang is too active. When yin is harmonized and yang is secured, essence-spirit is in control; when yin and yang are separated the essence-qi collapses.” In the Annotation it says, “The keypoint of the yin-yang interaction is that yang should be secured and not let out easily. If it is well protected and kept from moving too much, the vital qi gets strong, which leads to longer life, and this is the way of the wise. If yang is too active that it is not secured well, yin is abandoned to wander. This leads to the collapse of essence qi, and if yin is harmonized and yang is well protected, the essence-spirit gets better day by day.”

② One must take a Golden Lock Think of Immortals Elixir, Great Phoenix Marrow Elixir, Secret Genuine Pill, Jade Dew Pill or Golden Lock Elixir to keep essence well protected.

• Golden Lock Think of Immortals Elixir 金鎖思仙丹 금쇄사선단
It treats weak essence qi. Grind the same amounts of Nelumbinis Stamen (蓮花蘂), Nelumbinis Semen (蓮肉), and Euryales Semen (芡實). Mix the powder with ointment made of boiled down Rosae Laevigatae Fructus (金櫻子). Make pills to a size of the seed of the royal foxglove tree. Take 30 pills with salty water on an empty stomach. Take it for a month then the essence will not leak any more. If it is taken for a long time, the essence-spirit is kept and one will become a hermit living on earth.

• Great Phoenix Marrow Elixir 大鳳髓丹 대봉수단

① It treats overactiveness of the heart Fire and lack of kidney Water. If there is desire in one’s mind it shakes the heart easily and passes on to other parts of the body. Prepare 2 nyang of Phellodendri Cortex (黃柏) (stir-fried), 1 nyang of Amomi Fructus (砂仁), 5 don of Glycyrrhizae Radix (甘草), 2.5 don each of Pinelliae Tuber (半夏) (stir-fried), Polyporus (猪苓), Poria Sclerotium (白茯苓), red Nelumbinis Stamen (蓮花蘂) (stir-fried), and Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus (益智仁) (stir-fried). Grind all the herbs, mix with salt water, and make into pills to a size of the seed of the royal foxglove tree. Take 50 or 70 pills with porridge of sticky rice on an empty stomach.

② It is also called Seal the Marrow Elixir.

• Secret Genuine Pill 秘眞丸 비진환

It is also called a Secret Formula Elixir. It treats symptoms due to unfirm essence-qi. Prepare 1 nyang of white Fossilia Ossis Mastodii (龍骨) (grinded separately), 5 pieces of large Terminaliae Cortex (訶子皮), 5 don of Cinnabaris (朱砂) [1pun is covered on the outside], and 5 don of Amomi Fructus (砂仁). Grind these herbs into powder, mix with starch made of glutinous rice, and make pills to a size of a green bean. Cover the pills with Cinnabaris (朱砂). Take 2 pills at a time with wine with salt on an empty stomach, and take 3 pills before going to sleep with cold water. Do not take too many or semen will not be emitted at all.

• Jade Dew Pill 玉露丸 옥로환

Prepare 3 nyang each of White Fossilia Ossis Mastodii (龍骨) (processed by the Nine method), Cuscutae Semen (兎絲子) (processed with wine) and Allii Tuberosi Semen (韭子) (stir-fried on a roof tile). Grind these and knead with honey. Make pills to a size of the seed of the royal foxglove tree. Take ten pills each time with salt water. Avoid sexual intercourse when taking it for the first time.

• Golden Lock Elixir 金鎖丹 금쇄단

Prepare 5 nyang of Cistanchis Herba (肉蓯蓉) (soaked in wine and pounded into a salve), 4 nyang of Psoraleae Semen (破古紙) (mildly stir-fried), 2 nyang of Morindae Radix (巴戟) (removal of the core) and Aconiti Lateralis Radix Preparata (附子) (wrapped in moistened paper and roasted), and flesh of 20 walnuts. Grind these into powder, mix with the ointment of Cistanchis Herba (肉蓯蓉), and knead to pills to a size of the seed of the royal foxglove tree. Take 10 pills with salt water or warm wine. Take a Jade Dew Pill before meals and a Golden Lock Elixir after meals. After taking them for months, kidney qi would not get tired even if one is old and weak. Therefore, one is able to store the essence forever. To emit semen, one must drink water boiled with 1 hop of Plantaginis Semen (車前子). It has mysterious effects.

06 Control Desire to Store Essence 節慾儲精 욕망을 줄여서 정을 모은다

① It is said in the Inner Classic (內經) that the essence is used up at the age of 64, so one must control one’s desires. In the Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies (千金方) it introduces a phrase from the Classic of the Pure Girl on Coitus (素女經) which says: “Protect and never let go of the essence at the age of 60; the desire must be controlled. If one
does not control what must be controlled and does not stop what must be stopped, the life would be lost. It is like inviting disaster on one’s own will.”

② One tends to act haplessly before the age of 40 and suddenly realizes the lack of energy and strength after 40. Many diseases occur like a swarm of bees after strength weakens, and they get worse until there is no way to be saved if they are not treated for a long time. A person who does not have intercourse for many days and still remains in peace after turning 60 is a person who is able to protect oneself very well. Also, it is said that: “One must control and stop even if desire occurs suddenly; one would harm oneself if one lets one’s mind loose and does whatever the mind leads. If one stops once, it would be same as putting out the flame of desire and saving oil. If one does not control oneself and emits semen by following desires, it is the same as adding oil when the flame on the lamp is about to go out. Why would one not prevent this?”

③ It is said in the Immortals’ Writings (仙書): “The essence is wasted if desire overflows; one must truly save essence to live long.” ④ Kidney Water increases itself if one sits calmly; desire disappears of itself if one lives by oneself.[B146] ⑤ One
must use a Shrink Penis Secret Method.

• Shrink Penis Secret Method 縮陽秘方 음경을 위축시키는 비방

Get nine leeches regardless of size, raise them in a water bowl, take them out on July 7th, and dry them in the shade. Add Moschus (麝香) and Styrax Liquides (蘇合香), grind them into soft powder, and make knead with honey into rice-cake. Rub the center of the left sole during an erection with this and the erection will stop immediately. Rub again the next day during the