Urgent survey in Progress, ‘AB 918’


Now Through June 20th, 2021

This survey is to ask your opinion regarding AB918. As you already know that the AB 918 was introduced by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva represents California’s 65th Assembly District, to replace the current acupuncture license exam, CALE, with NCCAOM.

The California Acupuncture Board will discuss the bill during the board meeting, scheduled on the 24th and 25th of June.

I will do my best to ask your opinion and let the board members know how the acupuncturists in California feel about replacing CALE with NCCAOM.

 The result of the survey will not be used for other purposes.

 Please share your valuable time answering the survey questions and help us deliver your voice to the board members.

For your information, all questions were made based on the actual people’s statements or presentations that had been heard during prior CAB’s board meetings for discussion for accepting NCCAOM in California as a testing tool.





  1. Wow! you couldn’t have made this more convoluted …. It’s simple CAB is government so they’re rivalry fur the people Nationals are private & money driven plus extremely difficult to deal with plus do not Kay monies back that they owe. ie not to be trusted Alibg with the general standard of the exams are very low especially on point locations & diagrams. If they can’t get that right they ought not be in the business of examining practitioners !


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