Underlying Theories of Acupuncture Treatment ③

△ After understanding the principles of acupuncture treatment, that makes it possible apply acupuncture treatment for various symptoms. photoⓒDollarphotoclub_B. Wylezich

Your First Needle Should Go to the Ying Meridian on Upper Body

One Acupuncture Stimulation Is Good Enough for The Meridian

Dynamics of Ying and Yang – The first rule for choosing acupuncture point

Qi movement depends on where the human body starts expanding its movement. If the human body starts expanding its movement on Ying meridians, these are located on the hands or upper body meridians.

Qi movement on Yang meridians begin from the feet and are located on the lower body. So, if you want to use acupuncture points which are located on upper body or the arms and the hands you should select an acupuncture point which is located on a Ying meridian and insert your first acupuncture needle on it.

Also, if you want to start your treatment by using acupuncture points which are located on the lower body or feet and legs, an acupuncture point located on a Yang meridian should be used first. This is a most natural and effective way to control Qi movement of human body without disturbing Qi movement and to prevent side effects of acupuncture treatment. The reason why acupuncture needle on the body controls Qi movement is because the body controls Qi movement.

Qi movement on upper and lower body and extremities – The second rule for choosing an acupuncture point

Imagine that you want to purify a polluted river. The most efficient way to purify is to clear the source of pollution on the upper reaches of the river. An acupuncture treatment procedure should be like purifying a polluted river. The procedure of insertion of an acupuncture needle should follow Qi movement of body.

The second rule for choosing an acupuncture point is using an acupuncture point which is located on stronger Qi movement. In general, a meridian that starts to expand from the body trunk is considered as stronger Qi power than the meridians that start from the extremities. Therefore, control a stronger meridian by insertion of acupuncture needle first.

One may question what is the difference of Qi power and the strength of each meridian. Let’s compare muscle power to Qi. For the upper body, Ying meridians that start from the body trunk controls the pulling muscle. Also, Yang meridians that begin rom the fingers control push muscles. Muscle strength of the arms for pulling or bending is stronger than pushing or extension. It means that upper body’s Ying meridians have stronger Qi power than Yang meridian. Meridians on lower body are different from upper body. Yang meridians on legs have stronger Qi and have more strength than Ying meridians.

This can be easily understood by comparing power for moving legs outside, which is controlled by Yang meridians from center of the body and moving legs inside, which is managed by Ying meridian. There is a closed relationship between the amount Qi power and muscle strength – more Qi means more power. Therefore, the relationship between Qi strength and muscle and muscle distribution and locations of meridian should be considered for acupuncture treatment plan. I believe consideration of muscle and meridian relationship and adapting Qi movement of certain meridian makes a more natural, effective acupuncture treatment without causing side effects such as nausea or dizziness.

To summarize what I explained earlier, first insert the acupuncture needle on the most appropriate acupuncture points on Ying meridian on upper body and Yang meridian on lower body. Then, by using interior/exterior relationships of meridians for next acupuncture points which delivers stimulation made by the first acupuncture needle to interior/exterior meridians. Determine order of acupuncture point selection according to what I explained earlier surely has acupuncture treatment benefits and reduce the side effects of acupuncture and reducing side effects of acupuncture.

One stimulation by acupuncture needle insertion on the meridian is strong enough.

Once an acupuncture point on the meridian is stimulated by acupuncture needle insertion, Qi is pulled and pushed along with the meridian. So, one acupuncture stimulation is good enough for stimulation of the meridian. It is not recommended to use more than one acupuncture point selection of the same meridian in order to not over stimulate certain meridians. But some cases are exceptional. In the case of chronic numbness or weakness due the loss of certain meridian functions, the need for stronger stimuli could be achieved by using more than one acupuncture point selection. 

But the selection of more than on acupuncture point on the same meridian should consider the Qi movement of the meridian. For example, Master’s Tong’s Acupuncture frequently uses more than one acupuncture point selection on the same meridian and my technique cannot be mixed due to canceling effects of two different treatment techniques. Treating a patient with over stimulation or consideration of Qi movement need to be carefully decided by a practitioner. For the next issue, I will explain and show practical approaches regarding acupuncture point selection and treatment procedure based on my theory.