Underlying Theories of Acupuncture Treatment Ⅷ Acupuncture Points on the Joints Take Roles for Movement of the Joints

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Prediction of Acupuncture Points’ Indications on Joints is Possible by Observing the Joints Movements

By Brandon SJ Oh, L.Ac.

All meridians that pass on the joints of the four limbs have acupuncture points and the acupuncture points located on the joints helps movement of the joints. And range of motions of each meridian has clues functions or indications of an acupuncture point depend on certain location.

You should understand that all acupuncture point locations on meridians have reasons to be there and designed to control Qi movement for its designed range of motion of limbs.

Acupuncture points located on the face and head have relationships with the 8 extraordinary vessels and have roles to control the 12 primary channels. Acupuncture points on the trunk engage in direct communication to organs. Acupuncture points on the limbs which involve movement of the body parts, are required to ability for controlling amount and speed of Qi circulations in order to perform proper movements.

There is a reason for existence of acupuncture points on joints of 4 limbs. The acupuncture points on the joints are to control movement. And because of the reason, acupuncture points on the joints have more indications than acupuncture points which are not on the joints.


▲ Pivots of Meridians 경락의 구심점

It is doubtful that if Mike Tyson has a cast on one of his elbow joints would he still punch hard enough as he usually does?

In order to perform an accurate Taekwondo kick with weight on it in order to increase power, it is required controlled movements of coxae or hip joints.

By observing movements of each joint, it makes possible to guess each functions or indications of the acupuncture points on the 4 limbs.

The acupuncture points located on the shoulder joints and coxae control amount of Qi leakage from the trunk like slice gate of a dam which is managing optimal amount water storage. Another function of shoulder joints and coxae are leading movements and balancing posture while on movement. The wrist joints and ankle joints are releasing large amount of muscular power in a process of movement. In order to gain or perform powerful punches or kicks, it is required to add roles of the wrist and ankle joints, respectively.

Now, it is possible to assume acupuncture points that are located on the wrist and ankle joints. The role of the wrist and ankle joints is releasing large amount of kinetic energy in short period time. Similar to the role of the wrist and ankle joints, the acupuncture points on the wrist and ankle joints take part of pushing and pulling Qi through the meridian where the acupuncture points are belonged.

All movement of joints act toward to the center of the body mass or weight and various movements of the joints could change the center of the body mass in motion. Base on the fact that the center of the body mass could be changed based on joints movement, needling on acupuncture points on the joint area is able to differ centers of all internal organs. Because, the acupuncture points on the joint deal with relatively large amount of Qi comparing to other acupuncture points which are not located on the joints. It is also possible to change pivot of the meridian by locations of triple burners or by shu/mu points.


▲ Qi Regulating Parts for Open-Close 개폐혈부(開閉穴部)

In practicing acupuncture, indication for acupuncture points on the shoulder and hip joints are frozen shoulder or sciatica like symptoms. The large joins such as the shoulder and hip joints are connecting limbs and the trunk and Qi circulate from the trunk to limbs or from the limbs to the trunk like gates stand in between the limbs and the trunk. The 4 big joins work as pillars of the body and even one pillar has a problem, that would make 3 other pillars’ range of motion.

Therefore, the trunk is considered as a power plant to generate energy or Qi and 4 big joints take role of first and biggest gate that emit energy from the trunk. Because of characteristic of 4 big joints and the acupuncture points on the joints have indications for curing symptoms regarding limited range of motion such as paralysis on limbs, deformation of vertebrae, weak or lost control of the legs, and aftereffects of stroke.


<Qi Regulating Parts for Open-Close on each meridian>

Each meridian has its own acupuncture point that directly control Qi amount.


Lu 2

Large Intestine

Li 15


St 30


Sp 12, 13


Ht 1

Small Intestine

Si 10

Urinary Bladder

UB 36


K 11


Pc 2

Triple Burner

TB 14

Gall Bladder

GB 30


Lv 12







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