Symptoms and ‘Sign Symptoms’ of Herbs Ⅲ


The Dynamics of Shang Han Lun (16) 

(13) Banxia (半夏): pungent, warm, toxic

  • Symptoms: abdominal rumbling, nausea, vomit, phlegm, cough, asthma.
  • Sign Symptom: nausea, rumbling sound


(14) Renshen (人蔘): sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm

  • Symptoms: thirsty, mouth dryness, diarrhea, back coldness, flabby, loss of appetite, hypotension, anemia, asthma, nervous exhaustion, nervousness, insomnia.
  • Sign Symptom: hard glomus below the heart.


(15) Huangqin (黃芩): sweet, cold

  • Symptoms: fever, diarrhea, dysentery, bronchitis, acne, atopy, inflammation of stomach and duodenum, conjunctivitis, hypertension.
  • Sign Symptom: hard glomus below the heart.


(16) Huanglian (黃連): bitter, cold

  • Symptoms: diarrhea due to heart, dysentery, stomach and duodenum inflammation, manic behavior, hypertension, skin yellowish, eczema, atopy, acne, conjunctivitis.
  • Sign Symptom: pressure pain on the abdomen, glomus below the heart.


(17) Houpo (厚朴): bitter, pungent, warm

  • Symptoms: distention of the chest and abdomen, stagnation, cough.
  • Sign Symptom: fullness of the chest and abdomen.


(18) Zhishi (枳實): bitter, sour, slightly cold

  • Symptoms: abiding food sitting in gut, abdominal distention, uterine prolapse.
  • Sign Symptom: rigidity below the heart.


(19) Zhizi (梔子): bitter, cold

  • Symptoms: esophagitis, heat of face and palms, stomatitis, urinary bleeding.
  • Sign Symptom: pinched feeling in the chest, soggy glomus below the heart.


(20) Chaihu (澤瀉): sweet, cold

  • Symptoms: vertigo, swelling, hypertension.
  • Sign Symptom: vertigo.


(21) Baizhu (白朮): sweet, slightly bitter, warm, aromatic

  • Symptoms: diarrhea, swelling, joint pain, restless fetal movement.
  • Sign Symptom: rumbling in the abdomen, joint swelling.


(22) Muli (牡蛎): slightly cold, salty, astringent

  • Symptoms: palpitation, sweating, astonishment because of hypersensitiveness, involuntary ejaculation, vexation and uneasiness, stomach and duodenum ulcer, lump.
  • Sign Symptom: palpitation, sweating.


(23) Longgu (龍骨): sweet, astringent, neutral

  • Symptoms: palpitation, sweating, astonishment because of hypersensitiveness, dreaming frequently in the sleep, involuntary ejaculation.
  • Sign Symptom: palpitation, sweating.


(24) Malimendong (麥門冬): sweet, slightly bitter, slightly cold

  • Symptoms: dry cough, constipation due to liquid deficiency, rapid pulse, palpitation, vexation and uneasiness.
  • Sign Symptom: heat counterflow to the face and head, dry phlegm.


(25) Gandihuang (乾地黃): sweet, slightly cold

  • Symptoms: thirsty, feet hot, lumbago, knee pain, insomnia, asthma, hair falling out.
  • Sign Symptom: lesser abdominal sunken or numbness.


(26) Fuzi (附子): pungent, hot, toxic

  • Symptoms: feet coldness, aversion to cold, diarrhea, inordinate sweating, neuralgia, vertigo, eyesight failing, impotence.
  • Sign Symptom: feet coldness, inordinate sweating, aversion to cold.


(27) Shigao (石膏): sweet, pungent, cold

  • Symptoms: thirsty, high fever, throat pain, toothache due to stomach heat, stomatitis, a burn or a scald.
  • Sign Symptom: thirsty.


(28) Dahuang (大黃): bitter, cold

  • Symptoms: constipation, fever, tumor, boil, yellow skin, conjunctivitis, blood mass, twisted joint.
  • Sign Symptom: hard mass around the umbilicus.





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